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High-Security Guard Booths

From Bullet-Resistant to Blast-Resistant Guard Booths, Sloan can safely design, install and integrate your booth with data cabling and unique surroundings to give you the perfect solution for your access control point needs.


High-Security Guard Booths

High-Security Guard Booths provide an essential solution to protect both individuals and assets in critical environments such as Data Centers, Corporate Campuses, and Industrial Plants. These booths are strategically positioned at access control or entry control points to ensure maximum security and safety.

  • IBC and ADA Approved

  • Many Colors Available

  • Lockable Doors

High-Security Guard Booths

Bullet-Resistant Guard Booths

Bullet-Resistant Security Guard Booths are purposefully designed and engineered to meet the stringent UL 327 Ballistic Standards. With their high-security features, these booths offer reliable protection against gunfire, making them the perfect choice for Military Bases, Government facilities, and other high-risk locations.

  • IBC and ADA Approved

  • Level 1 to Level NIJ-IV

  • 50 Caliber Armor-Piercing

Bullet-Resistant Guard Booths

Blast-Resistant Guard Booths

Blast-Resistant Security Guard Booths offer the utmost safety to shield your guards from the most severe threats. Specifically designed to withstand violent blasts, these booths are the ideal choice for securing Military Bases, Government facilities, and other high-risk locations.

  • IBC and ADA approved

  • Armor-Plated Steel

  • Tested by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ)

  • Tested by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL)

Blast-Resitant Guard Booths

Other Guard Booth Options

Sloan Security Group can help customize your Guard Booth for many scenarios including intercoms, pre-wired options, locking doors, custom colors, and more.

Gun Ports

U.L. Level 1 to NIJ-IV and higher. Slide type for high-power rifles with scopes, super secure, or 6" diameter for hand guns.


Bullet-Resistant from UL Level 1 to NIJ-IV or higher, also hurricane systems.

Bullet-Resistant Shroud

Provides bullet-resistant protection for power and data communication lines.

Anchoring Systems

Pad-mounted or tower mounted, designed for standard installation with blast and tornado anchoring systems available.

Bullet-Resistant Conduits Access