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Delta Scientific

Security Barrier Solutions You Can Trust.

Sloan has built a strong relationship with Delta Scientific and has extensive experience installing, training and maintaining its high security barriers and gates.

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Delta Scientific
Delta Barrier Solutions

Bollards, Wedge Barriers and Gates.

With a wide range of barrier options available, including bollards, wedge barriers, and crash-rated gates, we provide Delta barrier solutions that can be tailored to meet the unique security requirements of each client.

Wedge Barrier

Wedge Barrier

Delta’s Wedge Barriers are available with hydraulic or electric operation. Choose galvanization coatings to help alleviate rust and corrosion. Delta's Wedge Barriers are also crash-rated from K4/M30 to K12/M50 with less than 1M (3.3 feet) penetration.

• Wedge Barricade DSC501
• Wedge Barricade HD300
• Wedge Barricade DSC2000
• Wedge Barricade HD200
• Wedge Barricade TT207SFM
• Wedge Barricade HD2055
• Wedge Barricade DSC207S
• Surface Mounted Barricades DSC1200
• Shallow Foundation Barricade DSC550

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Retractable Bollards

Retractable Bollards

Delta’s Bollards are available in hydraulic, pneumatic, or electric. Made from aluminum, fiberglass, or stainless steel, all Delta’s Bollards are crash-rated up to K12 and have shallow mount options requiring as little as 14" deep excavation.

• Shallow Foundation Bollard DSC635
• Shallow Foundation Bollard DSC633
• Bollard DSC720-1M
• Bollard DSC720
• Bollard DSC701
• Bollard DSC800
• Shallow Foundation Bollard DSC600
• Shallow Foundation Bollard DSC650
• Bollard DSC305

Crash Beams

Crash Beams

Delta’s Crash Beams are available in hydraulic or electric operation. They are crash-rated from M30 to M50 with penetration levels up to P1 (3’ or less).

• Beam Barricade DSC7000
• Beam Barricade DSC7500
• Beam Barricade DSC7090
• Beam Barricade TT212EC
• Beam Barricade TT212E
• Beam Barricade TT212

Delta Barrier Services

All-in-One Security Expertise.

From installation to maintenance, our expert team simplifies even the most complex Delta barrier projects and supports your facility through the complete lifecycle of the equipment.



Our Delta Barrier pre-design analysis or design-assist services can help you put your best foot forward when determining equipment selection, barrier controls, and access control point sequencing.

• Design-Assistance/Consulting
• Vehicle Vector Analysis
• Building Info Modeling (BIM)
• Building Permit Assistance
• As-Builts/Documentation

Delta Scientific
About Delta Scientific

Barrier Leaders Since 1974

Delta Scientific Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of vehicle access control equipment. Delta Scientific has been engineering and manufacturing vehicle access control equipment and selling its products worldwide since 1974.

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