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Case Study: Boise Rescue Mission City Light Shelter

Sloan Security Group installed a functional surveillance system to help protect women and children in Boise, Idaho. Ensuring the safety of the most vulnerable population in the community helps make a lasting impact.

Sloan Security Group City Light


Boise, Idaho - City Light, located near downtown Boise has been a stable place of shelter and a safe haven for homeless women and children since 2000. Safety and Security of the guests are the number one priority of the organization. When Sloan Security Group learned of a serious need for functional surveillance equipment at this site, we enlisted the help of other organizations and manufacturers through the local ASIS chapter. We were able to partner with companies like Grainger and Exacqvision to provide and implement a modern, scalable IP-based surveillance system. The goal is to build a new networked system alongside the existing antiquated system in order to create a migration path over time.

Sloan Security Group Boise Rescue Mission Ministries


Budget – Sourcing equipment and resources to make a project like this happen at no cost to the client can be difficult. Thankfully through incredible partners such as - Grainger and Exacqvision, we were able to provide many new HD IP cameras as well as the VMS software and licensing to make this a reality.

Building Architecture – This beautiful building has been around for more than a few years and was not the easiest to route and pull cables through. Although this presented our installers with some unique cabling challenges it proved to be a good exercise for them that ultimately they were able to overcome. Through this process, we were able to build an IP-based infrastructure throughout the facility that will serve them well for years to come.

Sensitive Work Environment – Due to the nature of this facility, its guests, and employees, our installers needed to be diligently aware of the noise, equipment, and their own presence. Planning the daily tasks and how they were to be carried out in such a way that minimized the impact of their presence was a very high priority for us.

Solution – Working together with our partners – Grainger and Exacqvision, Sloan Security Group was able to provide and install a Video Surveillance Server equipped with Pro Series IP Camera Licensing through the Exacqvision VMS as well as many HD IP Cameras. A combination of interior and exterior camera models was graciously donated by Grainger.

Result - A system that provides the staff with greatly improved situational awareness of the facility as well as a sense of security. In addition, this system is scalable allowing for growth while migrating to a fully IP-based solution.

Sloan Security Group - Rev Bill, President, and CEO
“The Boise Rescue Mission cannot invite homeless people to our facilities if we cannot ensure their safety. The gift of security provided by Grainger and Sloan Security Group has made and will make a lasting positive impression on the women and women with children who come to City Light seeking shelter."

Rev Bill, President, and CEO

Boise Rescue Mission Ministries


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