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Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance Cameras

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor weather-proof, surveillance camera system, or a discreet camera for a sensitive location, Sloan will install the perfect form factor and adequate imaging quality for your needs and unique site surveillance challenges. 

• Fixed Box Cameras and Panoramic Cameras
• Bullet Cameras and Fixed Dome Cameras
• Modular, Thermal, and other Specialty Cameras

Intrusion Sensors

Intrusion Sensors

Quickly identify threats and unwanted intruders with area detection and a perimeter sensor system from Sloan. We help analyze your site and access points to assist in deploying a custom detection strategy, using the most cutting-edge sensors on the market.

• Thermal Radar, Protech and Spotter RF
• Perimeter Sensors and Boundary Detectors
• Senstar, Fibre Sensys, Gallagher systems and more

Ground-Based Radar

Ground-Based Radar

Radar motion detectors use radar technology to monitor movement in a given area. It is non-sensitive to moving shadows, raindrops or insects. When an intruder passes through the detectable range on a monitored video stream, it triggers an alarm and sends an alert message to a central monitoring station.
• Perimeter and critical point detection
• Vehicle and person detection
• Wildlife detection

Vehicle Screening

Vehicle Screening

We offer a range of video screening applications that can help increase business efficiency and operations with people counting, object analytics, license plate identifiers, and facial recognition.

• Object and Motion Analytics
• License Plate and Face Identifiers
• People Counter and Tailgating Tracking

Threat Detection

Threat Detection

Our license plate recognition (LPR) software and related sensing technology enable the detection and tracking of vehicles. We provide a variety of warnings, such as Over-Speed alerts to warn you when a car is driving faster than the posted speed limit on the road, Wrong-Way alerts to let you know when a car is going the wrong way, Over-Height detection to warn you when an object may damage a car, and more.

• Over-Speed/Wrong-Way
• Tamper/Intrusion Detection
• Over-Height Detection

Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring

We offer a range of video monitoring applications that can help increase business efficiency and operations with people counting, object analytics, license plate identifiers, and facial recognition.

Sensor Fences

Sensor Fences

Sensor Fences like electrified fence systems are an effective physical and psychological deterrent and can detect unauthorized entry or exit of defined areas and will trigger instant alerts.

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Our Sevices

Design, Build and Maintain.

We help you take control of your bollard installation project or repair with a dedicated team of bollard construction experts. Our tried and true, SloanSecure™ process, delivers the optimal bollard solution from design to installation all way through to routine maintenance. 



​Whether it is delivering vector analysis, determining a vehicle's maximum speed of approach, or creating as-builts and building information models (BIM) for complex sites, the Sloan team has done it all.

  • Design-Assistance/Consulting

  • Vehicle Vector Analysis

  • Building Info Modeling (BIM)

  • Building Permit Assistance

  • As-Builts/Documentation

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