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Gate Arms

Gate Arms

Gate arms serve as a physical barrier to control traffic and prevent unauthorized vehicle access. These vehicle access arms can be operated manually from a guard booth, remotely, or through card access. 

• Control Panel Integration
• Automatic Barrier Arms
• Pneumatic & Hydraulic Operated

Guard Booths

Guard Booths

Security guard booths are designed to provide a safe working environment for guards, equipped with features such as bullet-resistant walls and crash bollard perimeters. Our guard houses can be customized to suit any environment, climate, or requirement.

• Control Panel Integration
• Bullet and Ram Protection
• Custom Guard Booth Designs

Automatic Gates

Automatic Gates

Automatic gates are a great solution for access-controlled entry points that require medium to high levels of security. We can manage the entire process of acquiring, constructing, installing, and maintaining different types of operated gates and gate openers.
• Certified Gate Installers (CAGOI)
• Certified Gate Designers (CAGSD)
• Slide, Cantilever, Swing, Vertical Lift, Pivot, Bi-Fold
• Custom Gate Design and In-house Fabrication



Turnstiles monitor and control pedestrian traffic in high to medium-security settings. They typically feature sleek, modern designs that fit well in high-end office buildings, airports, stadiums, and other public spaces.

• Single or Multiple Lanes
• Bi-Directional or Uni-Directional
• Card Reader, Boimetrics or Mobile Integration

Automated Doors

Automated Doors

We offer a range of options for slat profiles, curtain materials, metal finishes, coatings, and colors, allowing clients to customize their automated doors to meet their specific needs. Our experienced team also provides installation and maintenance services to ensure long-lasting, reliable performance.

• High-Speed Roll-Up/Fold Up
• Up to 60" Per Second
• All-Weather Resistant Tight Seal

Control Panels

Control Panels

Our controls technical team has extensive expertise in developing customized controllers for almost any equipment type and application. Our Barrier Control Panels are designed to feature touch screens, push buttons, or wireless handhelds.

• Integrates with Other Systems and Brands
• Touch-Screen Capabilities
• Miltary-Grade Construction

Card Access

Card Access

Card Access Readers are a reliable means of restricting access to specific areas or granting temporary access to visitors, members, and staff. We can design a personalized access control system that covers all entry points to your facility, enabling you to have complete control over who can access specific areas.

• Discretionary, Mandatory, Role-Based
• Smartphone, Passcode, Card, Video Credentials
• Automated Gate, Door, and Turnstile Integration

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Our Sevices

Design, Build and Maintain.

We help you take control of your bollard installation project or repair with a dedicated team of bollard construction experts. Our tried and true, SloanSecure™ process, delivers the optimal bollard solution from design to installation all way through to routine maintenance. 



​Whether it is delivering vector analysis, determining a vehicle's maximum speed of approach, or creating as-builts and building information models (BIM) for complex sites, the Sloan team has done it all.

  • Design-Assistance/Consulting

  • Vehicle Vector Analysis

  • Building Info Modeling (BIM)

  • Building Permit Assistance

  • As-Builts/Documentation

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