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Access Control

High-Security Guard Booths

From Bullet-Resistant to Blast-Resistant Guard Booths, Sloan can safely design, install and integrate your booth with data cabling and unique surroundings to give you the perfect solution for your access control point needs.

High-Security Guard Booths

High-Security Guard Booths

High-Security Guard Booths provide an essential solution to protect both individuals and assets in critical environments such as Data Centers, Corporate Campuses, and Industrial Plants. These booths are strategically positioned at access control or entry control points to ensure maximum security and safety.

• IBC and ADA Approved
• Many Colors Available
• Lockable Doors

Bullet-Resistant Guard Booths

Bullet-Resistant Guard Booths

Bullet-Resistant Security Guard Booths are purposefully designed and engineered to meet the stringent UL 327 Ballistic Standards. With their high-security features, these booths offer reliable protection against gunfire, making them the perfect choice for Military Bases, Government facilities, and other high-risk locations.

• IBC and ADA Approved
• Level 1 to Level NIJ-IV
• 50 Caliber Armor-Piercing

Blast-Resistant Guard Booths

Blast-Resistant Guard Booths

Blast-Resistant Security Guard Booths offer the utmost safety to shield your guards from the most severe threats. Specifically designed to withstand violent blasts, these booths are the ideal choice for securing Military Bases, Government facilities, and other high-risk locations.

• IBC and ADA approved
• Armor-Plated Steel
• Tested by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ)
• Tested by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL)

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Design, Build and Maintain.

We help you take control of your guard booth installation project or repair with a dedicated team of guard booth construction experts. Our tried and true, SloanSecure™ process, delivers the optimal guard booth solution from design to installation all way through to routine maintenance. 



​Whether it is delivering vector analysis, determining a vehicle's maximum speed of approach, or creating as-builts and building information models (BIM) for complex sites, the Sloan team has done it all.

​• Design-Assistance/Consulting
• Vehicle Vector Analysis
• Building Info Modeling (BIM)
• Building Permit Assistance
• As-Builts/Documentation

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Protecting Assets, Infrastructure, and People.

We design, build and maintain the most effective perimeter security solutions for top brands and institutions around the globe including corporate campuses, data centers, energy facilities, government buildings, dams, substations, airports, and stadiums.

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Guard Booths FAQs

How much does vehicle and pedestrian Access Control installation cost?


The cost of vehicle and pedestrian access control installation varies depending on the size and complexity of the facility and the type of system needed. It is best to consult with an experienced installer to determine the specific costs involved. However, it is important to consider the long-term cost savings that can result from a secure vehicle and pedestrian access control system.

Can a pedestrian turnstile be integrated with a Card Access system?


Yes, pedestrian turnstiles can be integrated with a card access system, allowing authorized personnel to gain access by presenting their access card or credentials.

What are retractable bollards used for in Access Control systems?


Retractable bollards are short vertical posts that restrict vehicle access to specific areas. They are often used in combination with other access control systems, such as automatic gates or turnstiles, to further enhance security.

Can I manage vehicle and pedestrian Access Control remotely?


Yes, many vehicle and pedestrian access control systems offer remote management capabilities, allowing authorized personnel to manage access control from a remote location. This can be especially beneficial for large facilities or those with multiple access points.

What types of vehicle and pedestrian Access Control systems are available?


There are various types of vehicle and pedestrian access control systems available, including automatic gates, optical turnstiles, retractable bollards, and biometric systems. The type of system needed depends on the specific security requirements of the facility.

Why is vehicle and pedestrian Access Control important?


Vehicle and pedestrian access control is essential for ensuring the safety and security of a facility and its occupants. It restricts unauthorized access, reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, and other security breaches. It also helps manage traffic flow, reducing congestion and increasing safety for pedestrians and vehicles.

What is vehicle and pedestrian Access Control?


Vehicle and pedestrian access control is a security system that restricts or grants access to vehicles and pedestrians entering or exiting a specific area or property. It may include devices such as gate operators, turnstiles, barriers, or other similar systems that require authorized personnel to gain access.

How can I choose the right Guard Booth model for my facility?


Choosing the right guard booth model depends on your security needs, the level of potential threats, and the specific environment of your facility. We recommend discussing your requirements with our expert team, who will provide personalized guidance to help you make an informed decision.

What material and construction methods are used in these Guard Booths?


Our guard booths are constructed using high-quality materials, which may include ballistic steel, reinforced concrete, and blast-resistant glass, depending on the specific model. The construction methods and materials are carefully chosen to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

How do these Guard Booths improve overall security and safety on-site?


Our guard booth models play a vital role in enhancing overall security and safety by providing a fortified and controlled access point. They act as a deterrent to potential threats, while also facilitating efficient monitoring and coordination of security personnel.

Are these guard booths compliant with industry standards and regulations?


Yes, all our guard booth models are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed industry-specific standards and regulations. These include UL 752 Ballistic Standards for Bullet-Resistant Booths and other relevant safety guidelines.

What are the typical applications for each type of Guard Booth?


High-Security Guard Booths are commonly used in Data Centers, Corporate Campuses, Industrial Plants, and locations with strict access control requirements.

Blast-Resistant Guard Booths are best suited for Military Bases, Government facilities, Energy facilities, and areas prone to potential explosions.

Bullet-Resistant Guard Booths are deployed at Military installations, Government buildings, Banks, Airports, and other places where ballistic protection is necessary.

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