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Sloan Lighted Bollard Cover (RGB+WW)

Sloan Lighted Bollard Cover (RGB+WW)



Bollard Covers

Sloan designs and manufactures the most innovative bollard covers on the market. From stainless steel sleeves to multi-color LED lit covers, Sloan has options to match your aesthetic preferences.

Benefits of Installing Bollard Covers

Sloan's Bollard Covers offer convenience, cost savings, and aesthetic appeal. They provide extra protection and improve the look of existing fixed bollards. With benefits including improved aesthetics, enhanced protection, cost and time savings, and low maintenance, Sloan Bollard Covers are a wise investment for various facilities. Consider factors like material type, diameter, and height when choosing the right cover for your needs.

Made in the USA

Sloan's Bollard Covers exemplify American craftsmanship, proudly made in the United States. This dedication to local manufacturing guarantees exceptional quality, accuracy, and dependability.

Bollard Crash Ratings

Securing a crash-rating certification for bollards is essential, and it involves rigorous testing procedures to assess their performance and strength across a range of collision scenarios. These tests, take into a account factors such as vehicle velocity, penetration depth, and structural integrity.

A critical aspect of this certification process is a controlled collision at different speeds, to get insights into a vehicle's crashworthiness. These methodologies play a critcal role in setting safety benchmarks.

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