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Fixed Bollards

Sloan Security Group is highly experienced in designing, installing, and maintaining Fixed Bollards. Choose from ASTM crash ratings M50, M40, and M30. Both shallow and standard installation depths.

Bollard Crash Ratings

Securing crash-rating certifications for fixed bollards is essential, requiring stringent testing protocols to assess their performance and resilience in various collision scenarios. These tests consider variables like vehicle speed, penetration depth, and structural integrity, simulating real-life accidents for experts to analyze occupant protection.

A pivotal aspect of this certification involves controlled collisions at different speeds, offering valuable insights into the crashworthiness of fixed bollards. Assessments meticulously scrutinize how protective elements absorb and disperse impact force, ensuring the overall structural integrity of the bollards.

Fixed Bollard Spacing and Layout

Precision in spacing fixed bollards is vital for robust security and safety in perimeter design. Several factors, such as adhering to manufacturer guidelines, understanding the intended purpose and functionality, considering crash ratings, and addressing specific security needs, influence the layout. Complying with standards like ASTM F2656 is crucial, especially for fixed bollards undergoing crash tests. Seeking expert advice, particularly from seasoned consultants like Sloan Security Group, is strongly recommended to ensure accurate fixed bollard placement aligned with distinct security requirements.

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