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Sloan Fixed Bollard, M30/P1


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Sloan Fixed Bollard, M30/P1

Product Features

Elevate your security measures with a Sloan M30/ P1 Certified Bollard. Sloan bollards are meticulously designed and engineered to the highest standards and offer a peace of mind at an affordable price.

• ASTM F2656-07 M30/P1 Certified
• Bollard covers can be installed to match architecture
• Tested as single unit, accommodating custom spacing
• Can be installed in existing terrain
• Cost effective for high-security bollards

Product Benefits

Set, Pour and Protect.

Faster Installation

The set & pour method simplifies the entire installation process. With no rebar being required, install time and cost is reduced by nearly 50%.

Adapt to Terrain

Whether it's changes in grade elevation or tight turns, our bollard system effortlessly adapts to the landscape.

Customize Spacing

Enjoy the flexibility of certified bollard spacing at any distance with our modular design that accommodates specific site conditions.

Product Documents

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ASTM International Standards

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