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Sloan Fixed Bollard, M30/P1 - Tall (Shallow)


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Sloan Fixed Bollard, M30/P1 - Tall (Shallow)

Product Features

Elevate perimeter security with Sloan’s certified (M30/P1) shallow mount bollards. Our fixed bollard system ensures swift installation, while minimizing interference with underground utilities thanks to its shallow foundation depth.

• ASTM F2656-20 M30/P1 Certified
• Bollard covers can be installed to match architecture
• Shallow mount with 12" foundation depth
• Can be installed in existing terrain
• Cost effective for high-security bollards

Product Benefits

Simple and Versatile Design.

Shallow Foundation

With a shallow foundation of only 12" deep, our system avoids potential conflicts with underground utilities.

Adapt to Terrain

Whether it's changes in grade elevation or tight turns, our bollard system effortlessly adapts to the landscape.

Customize Spacing

Enjoy the flexibility of certified bollard spacing at any distance with our modular design that accommodates specific site conditions.

Product Documents

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ASTM International Standards

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