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  • What is the most important aspect of the design and installation of Automated Gates?
    Safety! Sloan Security Group is committed to being on the leading edge of safety practices. We have ongoing training to keep our team safe and up to date on best safety practices.
  • How would you insure an Automatic Gate is safe?
    Insure the electric gate is designed and installed to meet industry safety standards UL 325 and ASTM F2200.
  • What is the fastest type of Automated Gate?
    Gate Arms for toll operations can open in less than as second. For gates with fencing included, there are some slide gates that can operate at 3 feet or more per second! Bi-folding gates are also very quick opening as they typically open bi-directionally.
  • What is the cheapest Automated Gate style?
    Swing gates are typically the cheapest gate style but they take up more area so they aren’t favored by many with limited space.
  • How many horsepower are typical Automated Gate operators?
    ½ HP and 1 HP are for most residential and commercial gate operators. There are applications for 2 and 3 HP gate operators for gates that are very large.
  • What is a UL rating?
    UL is Underwriter’s Laboratory, a global safety certification company that develops safety standards for hundreds of industries including automated gates.
  • What is UL 325?
    UL 325 is an industry safety standard developed by Underwriters Laboratory which covers gate operator safety. Improperly designed and installed gates have injured and killed many people so the industry has established safety standards for the way a gate must be designed and installed to prevent most serious accidents.
  • What is ASTM?
    ASTM International is the organization formerly known as American Society for Testing and Materials. ASTM creates standards whereby industry is able to establish levels of quality and performance that is independent of particular companies.
  • What is ASTM F2200?
    ASTM F2200 is an established set of requirements for Automated Gates relating to the design of the gate itself. ASTM F2200 provides guidelines for the prevention of serious injury or death of pedestrians by that gate structure, wheels, barbed wire, razor wire etc.
  • Are the safety requirements for Automatic Gates the same for all types of facilities?
    No. The use of Automated Gates are categorized into 4 types of situations. Class 1 Residential Vehicular Operator (1-4 dwellings) , Class 2 Commercial/General Access/Multi-family Vehicle Gate Operator, Class 3 Industrial/Limited Access Vehicular Gate Operator (Factory/Loading dock), Class 4 Restricted Access Vehicular Gate Operator. Each of these types of facilities have different safety requirements.
  • What are the different types of Automated Gates?
    Swing Gates, Cantilever Slide Gates, Rolling Slide Gates, Bi-Folding Gates, Vertical Pivot Gates, Vertical Lift Gates.
  • What is the largest type of Automated Gate?
    Rolling Slide Gates are the largest and can close openings up to 200’ wide!

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