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Crash-Rated Barriers

Wedge Barrier Systems

From Shallow Mount Wedge Barriers to Crash-Rated Hydraulic Barriers, Sloan installs and maintains the perfect Vehicle Barrier for your unique threat and facility.

Crash-Rated Wedge Barriers

Crash-Rated Wedge Barriers

Crash-Rated Wedge Barriers are tested, certified, and approved by the Department of Defense (DoD). They are the highest level of barrier protection designed to withstand high-speed vehicle impacts at final denial.
These types of wedge barriers are commonly used at Large Corporate Campuses, Power Plants, and Government Facilities like Air Force Bases, FBI Buildings, and Embassies.

• K12 Crash-Rated & ASTM M50 Rated
• Deployment Under 1.5 Seconds (EFO)
• Deep & Shallow Mount

Hydraulic Wedge Barriers

Hydraulic Wedge Barriers

Hydraulic Wedge Barriers have a proven track record in the barrier industry and come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit your site and threats.
These types of wedge barriers/mini-wedge barriers are commonly used at Sports Stadiums and Arenas.

• K12 Crash-Rated & ASTM M50 Rated
• Deployment Under 1.5 Seconds (EFO)
• Environmentally Friendly Hydraulic Oil

Electric Wedge Barriers

Electric Wedge Barriers

Fully Electric Wedge Barriers help reduce environmental impact and reduce operating costs over the life of the equipment. These wedge barriers also integrate optimally with other electronic systems very well.
These types of wedge barriers are commonly used in high-security Government Facilities like Air Force Bases, FBI Buildings, and U.S. Embassies.

• K12 Crash-Rated & ASTM M50 Rated
• Deployment Under 1.5 Seconds (EFO)
• Flashing, Bi-Directional LED Lights

Surface Wedge Barriers

Surface Wedge Barriers

Surface Mounted Wedge Barriers are useful when excavation is not available or limited. Oftentimes, stanchions are integrated with traffic lights and gate arms.
These types of wedge barriers are commonly used at Sports Stadiums and Corporate Campuses.

• Crash-Rated Available
• Fast Installation Into Complex Areas
• Low Maintenance and All Weather

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Our Sevices

Design, Build and Maintain.

We help you take control of your wedge barrier installation project or repair with a dedicated team of wedge barrier construction experts. Our tried and true, SloanSecure™ process, delivers the optimal wedge barrier solution from design to installation all way through to routine maintenance. 



​Whether it is delivering vector analysis, determining a vehicle's maximum speed of approach, or creating as-builts and building information models (BIM) for complex sites, the Sloan team has done it all.

​• Design-Assistance/Consulting
• Vehicle Vector Analysis
• Building Info Modeling (BIM)
• Building Permit Assistance
• As-Builts/Documentation

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Protecting Assets, Infrastructure, and People.

We design, build and maintain the most effective perimeter security solutions for top brands and institutions around the globe including corporate campuses, data centers, energy facilities, government buildings, dams, substations, airports, and stadiums.

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Wedge Barriers FAQs

Why are Crash-Rated Vehicle Barrier controls so difficult to order?


Controls are complex as they include programming the sequence of operations, impact multiple pieces of equipment including safety sensors, obstruction loops, vehicle barriers, integrated gates, traffic arms, signal lights, warning systems and other aspects of the barrier systems.

Why are Crash-Rated Vehicle Barriers and Crash-Engineered Barriers important?


Very important question! Security barriers are life safety equipment that should be installed by a contractor with at least 5 installations of similar equipment already completed. Every site is different and barrier manufacturers may not be able to anticipate challenges that will occur if you use their barrier. Manufacturers generally have one location and a few technicians that provide support worldwide. At any given moment, barrier manufacturers have a difficult time responding quickly to service issues. Barrier manufacturers provide commissioning support which you pay for by the daily rate typically. Barrier installations are complex and issues come up during the layout, off-loading, assembly, excavation, installation, rebar installation, conduit installation, concrete pour, assembly and other stages along the way. Sloan provides services from the off-loading of equipment through installation and commissioning and can take care of any issues that occur along the way.

What does it take to install a Crash-Rated Vehicle Barrier?


We can help you select, procure, design, install, and maintain your vehicle barriers, regardless of your situation and location(s).

There are a tremendous variety of systems currently on the market with new companies and products being introduced constantly. Sloan Security Group keeps a close watch on these new technologies and can help you select from amongst all of the options available. Our experience designing and installing a vehicle barriers across North America at a wide range of facilities including chemical/oil/gas, port, airport, and military facilities helps us to analyze your individual situation and ascertain which barrier solution will be most secure, cost-effective, and maintenance free solution for your situation.

What are Crash-Engineered Barriers?


Barriers which have been engineered by a particular entity to stop the attack of a particular vehicle traveling at a certain speed within a strict set of guidelines. No field testing has been performed on these barriers however. These barriers are less favorable and should only be utilized when there is no equivalent Standard or Modified Crash-Rated Barrier available.

What are Modified Crash-Rated Barriers?


Crash-Rated Barriers which need to be changed in some minor way to fit a particular site’s characteristics. The changes to the barriers should be carefully analyzed to ensure that the barrier’s effectiveness will not be affected by the changes.

What are Standard Crash-Rated Barriers?


Barriers which have been certified by a rating agency as having passed a full field crash test where a particular barrier is certified to stop the attack of a particular vehicle traveling at a certain speed within a strict set of guidelines. This rating does not serve as a guarantee but only as evidence of capabilities.

How do I know what Crash-Rating I should use?


Sloan can provide engineered calculations for the maximum potential speed a vehicle can achieve at all points around your facility.

What type of Crash-Rated Vehicle Barrier system do you need?


AVB = Active Vehicle Barrier

1. Utilized for active vehicle entrances, sally ports, unmanned entrances

2. Wedges, bollards, sliding, rising or pivoting horizontal beams, integrated into gates etc.

3. Hydraulically, electrically, pneumatically, or manually operated

4. May be surface-mounted, shallow-mounted, or standard depth installation

SVB = Static Vehicle Barrier

1. Utilized for fence lines, permanently closed gate openings, temporarily closed gate openings

2. Cable-type barriers, bollards, berms, trenches, walls, street furniture, vegetation, concrete barriers, guard rails etc.

How quickly can Wedge Barriers be raised using Emergency Fast Operation?


2 seconds

How long does it take to raise a Wedge Barrier in normal operation?


3 to 5 seconds

What are the typical widths for Wedge Barriers?


8 to 14 feet wide

Should Wedge Barriers be utilized in areas with significant pedestrian foot traffic?


No. Sloan would recommend Automated Bollards in areas with a lot of pedestrian traffic.

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