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Crash-Rated Wedge Barriers

Sloan offers both hydraulic and electric crash-rated wedge barriers that are M50-rated for high-security solutions. We design, install, and maintain all types of crash-rated Wedge Barriers.

Wedge Barrier Crash Ratings

Obtaining crash-rating certification for wedge barriers is crucial to and employs a stringent testing protocol that evaluates performance and resilience in diverse collision scenarios. These tests, which include variables like vehicle speed, penetration depth, and structural integrity, replicate real-life accidents for experts to analyze occupant protection.

A pivotal element of this certification involves controlled collisions at various speeds, offering valuable insights into the vehicle's crashworthiness. These procedures contribute significantly to establishing safety standards, providing consumers and regulators with a dependable measure of a vehicle's capability to protect during accidents.

Wedge Barriers: Hydraulic vs Electric

Hydraulic wedge barriers are lauded for their robust force and power, rendering them apt for high-security settings. However, they are not without drawbacks, including slower operation, intricate maintenance requirements, increased energy consumption, higher installation costs, and potential environmental considerations.

In contrast, electric wedge barriers are recognized for their rapid operation, meticulous control, easy installation, and adaptability, particularly excelling in scenarios demanding Emergency Fast Operation (EFO). Despite these advantages, electric barriers may face limitations such as potentially lower force, diminished durability in extreme conditions, dependence on electricity, and a possible environmental impact.

Crash-Rated Wedge Barrier Widths

Being an expert in perimeter security and access control, it is vital to recognize the varied dimensions of crash-rated wedge barriers, essential for safeguarding critical infrastructures. These barriers typically span from 6 to 20 feet, offering security professionals and facility managers a versatile toolkit for securing different entry points, ranging from expansive driveways to more confined spaces. This flexibility allows for strategic deployment and customized solutions to address specific security requirements.

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