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Electric Wedge Barriers

Sloan's electric wedge barriers are M50-rated for high-security solutions. We design, install, and maintain anti-ram and crash-rated Wedge Barriers.

Wedge Barrier Crash Ratings

Crash-rating certifications for electrical wedge barriers are crucial and also have stringent testing protocols to evaluate performance and resilience in diverse collision scenarios. These tests, which consider factors like vehicle speed, penetration depth, and structural integrity, simulate real-life accidents for experts to assess occupant protection.

A pivotal component of this certification involves controlled collisions at varying speeds, offering valuable insights into a vehicle's crashworthiness. Assessments also examine how protective elements absorb and disperse impact force, ensuring overall structural integrity.

Why Electric Wedge Barriers?

Opting for an electric wedge barrier offers several advantages. These barriers are known for their high-speed operation, precise control, and ease of installation. Electric wedge barriers excel in Emergency Fast Operation (EFO) scenarios, providing quick response when needed. Their adaptability allows seamless integration with other security systems such as surveillance cameras and intrusion detection systems.

Electric Wedge Barrier Widths

Being an expert in perimeter security and access control, it is crucial to appreciate the diverse dimensions of electric wedge barriers, essential for safeguarding critical infrastructures. These barriers typically range from 6 to 20 feet, providing security professionals and facility managers with a versatile toolkit for securing various entry points, from expansive driveways to more confined spaces. This flexibility allows for strategic deployment and customized solutions to meet specific security needs.

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