Certified Vehicle Barrier List

  • Impasse Perimeter Security Fence (fence w/1″ cable w/bollard anchorage)

  • Impasse Perimeter Security Fence Type A (fence w/1″ cable w/bollard anchorage w/o anti-climb feature)


  • Model 400 (sliding gate)

  • Model 400A (sliding gate w/o anti-climb feature)

  • Model 730 (hydraulic drop bar)

  • SGHS1209 (sliding gate)

  • CBHS1230 (hydraulic drop bar)

  • VSB-F10 (hydraulic wedge)

  • Model 730 (hydraulic drop bar)

  • FIGS (sliding gate)

  • Bosik Bar VBS (shallow foundation crash beam)

  • Model 450 (sliding gate)

  • Model 450A (sliding gate w/o anti-climb feature)

  • Model 820 (hydraulic shallow mount plate)

  • TT207S (hydraulic wedge)

  • TT207S/FM (surface-mounted hydraulic wedge)

  • TT280 (sliding gate)

  • DSC501 (surface-mounted hydraulic wedge w/o buttresses)

  • DSC720 (retractable bollards)

  • DSC720FP (fixed bollards)

  • Stinger (shallow mount)

  • Magnum (hydraulic wedge)

  • Patriot (hydraulic rising beam)

  • NMSB II (surface-mounted hydraulic wedge)

  • NMSB IIIb (surface-mounted hydraulic wedge)

  • NMSB IIId (surface-mounted hydraulic wedge w/o buttresses)

  • NMSB IV (hydraulic wedge)

  • NMSB V (hydraulic wedge)

  • NMSB XII (hydraulic drop bar)

  • NMSB NBI (retractable bollards)

  • NITS Model 400 (retractable bollards)

  • WBHS916 (shallow mount hydraulic wedge)

  • DRT K-12 (set of six retractable bollards)

  • PDT1200 (set of three retractable bollards)

  • RSS-2000 (set of four horizontal retractable bollards)

  • Hard Post EP-354A (set of four retractable bollards)

  • Bosik Bar VBS (deep foundation crash beam)

K12 (1)

  • Model 32503 (manual security gate)

K12 (2)

  • DSC701FP (fixed bollards)

  • DSC720FP (fixed bollards)

  • DSC800FP (fixed bollards)

K12 (3)

  • DS-1 (concrete-filled steel bollards w/ connecting channel)

  • DS-6 (anti-ram knee wall)

  • DS-7 (anti-ram foundation wall)

  • DS-9 (reinforced concrete planter)

  • DS-10 (pedestrian passage concrete-filled steel bollards in groups of three)

  • DS-22 (concrete-filled steel bollards without channel)

  • DS-30 (10″ thick reinforced concrete wall)

  • DS-40 (anti-ram/anti-climb fence)

  • DS-50 (1 meter anti-ram knee wall)


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