Certified Vehicle Barrier List

A Certified Vehicle Barrier has been crash tested and officially certified by the DOS, DOD, and ASTM. The barrier has passed a full field crash test and is certified to stop an attack from a specific vehicle type traveling at a certain speed. The DOD and Army Corps of Engineers review and update the list annually.

Department of State
Department of Defense
ASTM International

Types of Crash-Rated Barriers

Sloan Security Group installs and maintains all types of crash-rated barriers certified as K4, K8, K12 and more. With decades of experience and deep-rooted relationships in the Vehicle Barrier Industry, Sloan continues to be the go-to source for all things crash-rated.


What determines the Crash-Rating?


Vehicle Weight

Example:  up to 15,000 lbs


Vehicle Speed


Example:  50 mph


Penetration Depth


Example:  Less than 3 feet


Crash-Rating Systems

Department of State

K = Rating for kinetic energy capabilities


L = Rating for penetration

ASTM International

ASTM F 2656-15

Vehicle code (P = Pickup)


Tested speed (M50 = 50 mph)


P = Rating for penetration (P1 = Less thant 3 feet)

Example of Crash-Ratings