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Sloan Electric Bi-Folding Gate

Sloan Electric Bi-Folding Gate



Automatic Gates

Sloan's gate certified technicians specialize in design, installation, and maintenance of all types of automatic security gates. Choose from slide, bi-fold, cantilever, and vertical pivot gate configurations.

Automatic Gates: UL325 Standard

UL325 standards for automatic gates are vital in ensuring safety and reliability. These guidelines, established by Underwriters Laboratories, focus on gate design, entrapment protection, and proper installation. Compliance with UL325 helps prevent accidents, addressing aspects like gate force, sensing devices, and emergency release mechanisms.

Adhering to these standards ensures that automatic gates meet stringent safety requirements, providing peace of mind for users and minimizing the risk of injuries or property damage. Regular inspections and maintenance are recommended to uphold UL325 standards and sustain the safe operation of automatic gates.

How to Choose the Right Automatic Gate

Choosing an automatic gate involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure optimal functionality and longevity. Among these factors are gate types, such as slide gates, swing gates, cantilever gates, bi-fold gates, and vertical pivot gates, each with distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Factors like gate size, road grade, available space, opening and closing speed, daily cycle count, gate design and construction, gate weight, weather conditions, safety concerns, and electrical power requirements all play crucial roles in selecting the right gate for your needs.

Automatic Gate Motors and Openers

Automatic gate motors and openers are mechanisms designed to regulate the operation of gates. At Sloan Security Group, we offer comprehensive services including installation, repair, and maintenance for various commercial gate motor brands, tailored to your unique needs.

Our skilled team is adept at diagnosing issues and determining whether a replacement opener is required, or if the problem lies with the sensor or photo eye. Some of the brands we work with include Liftmaster, HySecurity, Doorking, Delta Scientific, Linear, Electric Power Door, Bavak, and Secure USA.

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