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Hydraulic Wedge Barriers

Sloan's hydraulic wedge barriers are M50-rated for high-security solutions. We design, install, and maintain anti-ram and crash-rated Wedge Barriers.

Wedge Barrier Crash Ratings

Securing a crash-rating certification for hydraulic wedge barriers is essential and involves a rigorous testing protocol to assess performance and resilience in various collision scenarios. These tests, incorporating factors such as vehicle speed, penetration depth, and structural integrity, replicate real-life accidents for experts to scrutinize occupant protection.

A crucial aspect of this certification includes controlled collisions at different speeds, yielding valuable insights into the wedge barrier's crashworthiness. These procedures play a significant role in setting safety standards and giving regulators a reliable measure of the barrier's ability to protect during a crash.

Why Hydraulic Wedge Barriers?

Selecting a hydraulic wedge barrier is ideal for high-security needs due to its substantial force, durability, and ability to withstand aggressive vehicle attacks. The hydraulic system ensures stability, precise control, and versatility in various barrier designs. While it may have a slower operation compared to electric alternatives, hydraulic barriers excel in providing robust and reliable security, making them a strategic choice for critical infrastructure and military applications.

Hydraulic Wedge Barrier Widths

As an expert in perimeter security and access control, it is essential to recognize the varied dimensions of hydraulic wedge barriers, integral for safeguarding critical infrastructures. These barriers typically span from 6 to 20 feet, offering security professionals and facility managers a versatile toolkit for securing various entry points, from expansive driveways to more confined spaces. This range enables strategic deployment and tailored solutions to meet specific security needs.

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