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Lighted Bollard Covers

Sloan designs and manufactures the most innovative lighted bollard covers on the market. Sloan has options to match your aesthetic preferences and bollard lighting technology to create a dynamic solution.

Lighted Bollard Cover Benefits

Illuminate your surroundings with Sloan's lighted bollard covers, offering both functionality and style. These covers not only enhance the appearance of fixed bollards but also provide added protection. When selecting the perfect cover, consider factors such as material type, diameter, and height to meet your specific requirements. Improved aesthetics, enhanced protection, and minimal maintenance, investing in Sloan's bollard covers is a wise choice.

Made in the USA

Sloan's Lighted Bollard Covers exemplify American craftsmanship, proudly made in the United States. This dedication to local manufacturing guarantees exceptional quality, accuracy, and dependability.

Bollard Crash Ratings

Securing crash-rating certifications for bollards is crucial, involving rigorous testing protocols to assess their performance and durability in various collision scenarios. These tests consider factors like vehicle speed, penetration depth, and structural integrity, replicating real-world accidents for experts to evaluate occupant protection.

A pivotal aspect of this certification involves controlled collisions at varying speeds, offering valuable insights into the crashworthiness of bollards. Evaluations also examine how protective elements absorb and distribute impact force, ensuring the overall structural integrity of the bollards.

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