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Celebrating Excellence: 2023 Sloan Value Awards

Sloan recognized employees who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to its core values of Integrity, Safety, Collaboration, Professionalism, Impact, and Innovation.

Sloan Value Awards

Boise, ID - Sloan's 2023 Core Value Awards celebrated individual accomplishments and the collective strength of a team's commitment to uphold the highest standards of integrity, safety, collaboration, professionalism, impact, and innovation. Sloan was honored to present the 2023 winners with these awards on Friday, January 19th, at the Stuekle Sky Center and Boise State University. Sloan acknowledges these values are the foundation upon which they continue to thrive and excel. The winners of this year's awards were:

Award recipient for Integrity
Integrity Award Recipient: Simon Haacke


Simon Haacke

The Integrity Award was awarded to Superintendent, Simon Haacke. Simon was recognized for consistently upholding the highest standards of honesty and transparency, inspiring everyone to follow suit. His commitment to ethical conduct not only sets a benchmark for integrity within the organization but also establishes a foundation of trust that resonates throughout the workplace.

Award recipient for Safety
Safety Award Recipient: Kaleb Kuhn


Kaleb Kuhn

Superintendent, Kaleb Kuhn received the Safety Award because of his commitment to safety protocols, and keeping the job site secure, and inspiring others to maintain a secure environment. His exemplary leadership in promoting a safety-conscious mindset has created an atmosphere where every team member actively contributes to creating and sustaining a culture of safety and ensuring the well-being and security of everyone within the organization.

Award recipient for Collaboration
Collaboration Award Recipient: Matt Basye


Matt Basye

Estimator, Matt Basye was recognized for creating an environment of teamwork, communication, and shared success. His exceptional ability to bring together diverse perspectives, and encourage open communication has not only contributed to Sloan's collaborative culture but has also played a vital role in building a dynamic workplace where innovation thrives and collective achievements are celebrated.

Award recipient for Professionalism
Professionalism Award Recipient: Clint Doggett


Clint Doggett

The Professionalism Award was presented to Service Manager, Clint Doggett for consistently demonstrating a high level of competence, honesty, and accountability. Clint's dedication to professionalism not only sets a standard for others to emulate but also serves as a beacon of inspiration, creating a culture of excellence that raises the work ethic and integrity within the organization.

Award recipient for Impact
Impact Award Recipient: Billy Benson


Billy Benson

Fabrication Manager, Billy Benson was recognized with the Impact Award for making a significant difference through his dedication and innovative approach to Sloan's metal fabrication team. Billy has not only made a lasting impact on Sloan's success but has also influenced positive change throughout the organization, setting a standard for excellence that influences the entire team.

Award recipient for Innovation
Innovation Award Recipient: Rose Orr


Rose Orr

Executive Assistant, Rose Orr received the Innovation Award for being a trailblazer, pushing boundaries, and delivering creativity. Her innovative mindset and persistence have played a crucial role in not only positioning Sloan as an industry leader but also inspiring a growth mindset among peers and colleagues.

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