Gate Arms

Gate Arms create a traffic control barrier for unwanted vehicle access. Vehicle Access arms can be controlled manually from an operated guard booth, remotely, or through card access. 

  • Control Panel Integration

  • Automatic Barrier Arms

  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic Operated


Guard Booths

Security Guard Booths offer safety for guards with features like bullet-resistant walls and crash bollard perimeters. We can adapt guard houses to any environment, climate, or need.

  • Control Panel Integration

  • Bullet and Ram Protection

  • Custom Guard Booth Designs

Guard Booth
Automated Gates

Automatic Gates

Automatic Gates are ideal protection for access-controlled entry points with medium to high-security needs. We can procure, build, install, and maintain all types of operated gates and gate openers.


  • Certified Gate Installers (CAGOI)

  • Certified Gate Designers (CAGSD)

  • Slide, Cantilever, Swing, Vertical Lift, Vertical Pivot, and Bi-Fold Gates

  • Custom Gate Design and In-house Fabrication



Turnstiles create a high-security access control point that protects from vehicle and criminal threats. We deliver full integration with an access control system for your unique site and threats.

  • Auto-Indexing and Self-Centering Rotors

  • Galvanized, Powder-Coated, Carbon and Stainless Steel 

  • Dual and Tandem Designs


Card Access

​Card Access Readers limit access to areas or give temporary access to visitors, members, and staff. We can create a system to personalize the access and control all points of entry to your facility.

  • Discretionary, Mandatory, and Role-Based Access Controls

  • Smartphone, Passcode, Card, and Remote Video Credentials

  • Automated Gate, Door and Turnstile Integration


More Access Control


Access Control Point Control Systems (ACPCS)

Integrating security systems and personnel via these control points enhances situational awareness, simplifies response efforts, and ensures crisis control. Built on trust and integrity, we have applied our years of experience to develop customized solutions for your facility's unique requirements–we custom-tailor our ACPCS solutions to your needs.

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