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Automatic & Electric Gates

From Operated Sliding Gates to Bi-Folding Electric Gates, Sloan's certified technicians can safely install and maintain the right Automated Gate for your access control needs.

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Specializing in Crash-Rated & High-Security Entry Gates

We offer a variety of Electric Gate security solutions. From design-build to the final installation, we are dedicated to delivering personalized, high-quality automated gate security solutions that meet your perimeter protection needs. The process is simple. We assess your site and physical security risks, determine which entry gate system best suits your requirements, and then develop a plan to enhance your current perimeter security plan.


Slide Gates

Sliding gates are some of the most popular types of operated gates for residential and commercial installations. Electric sliding gates can be installed with numerous accessories making them easily adaptable to a variety of site conditions. These gates are guided by a sliding V-track and can be installed as a standard mount or shallow mount.

  • Reinforced designs for crash-ratings

  • Available in chain link and ornamental

  • Crash-Tested Models

  • Electric or Hydraulic opening systems

Slide Gates

Swing Gates

Electric swing gates are definitely the most common type of entryway gates. The swinging gate is simply a hinged fence panel that opens and closes like a door. These gates require less maintenance than sliding or bi-folding gates, since there aren't any wheels or track for debris to get trapped in. They are also easier to install and have a longer life span.

  • K4, K8, and K12 Crash-Rated models

  • Industrial and Commercial designs

  • Electric or Hydraulic opening systems

Swing Gates

Cantilever Gates

Our Motorized Cantilever Gates don’t touch the ground and are held above the ground and move along cantilever rollers. Without a track on the ground, there is less fuss than with conventional roller-sliding gates. This makes them particularly appropriate for applications where aesthetics or space is important as well as for pedestrian crossing points in underground parking lots.


  • Aluminum, Steel, or Chain Link

  • Single or Double track configuration

  • Crash-Tested Models

  • Electric opening systems

Cantilever Gates
Bi-Fold Gates

Bi-Fold Gates

Bi-Fold Electric Gates are ideal for areas with limited space and can replace the need for a slide or swing gate. Bi-Fold Automated Gates open like an accordion and are often used in high cycle use entrances that do not have room for a swing gate to fully open. The clear way for Bi-Folds is straight in and out without any need for backing or pulling out of traffic to exit. 

  • K-Rated models

  • Trackless, speed designs available

  • Electric or Hydraulic opening systems


Vertical Pivot Gates

Vertical Pivot Gates are an ideal choice for when you have an entrance with uneven ground or tight spaces. With Vertical Pivot your gated entrance does not have to have the same footprint as the gate. Unlike swing gates that swing in and out of your property, Pivot gates only need 12” on either side of your driveway to pivot vertically, taking advantage of airspace and keeping space clear in front and behind the gate.

  • Aluminum, Steel, or Chain Link

  • Trackless, compact design

  • Electric or Hydraulic opening systems

Vetical Pivot Gates

Gate Motors & Openers

Automatic Gate Motors and Openers. Electric gate motors are the mechanisms that open and close gates. Depending on your specific needs, Sloan Security Group installs, repairs, and maintains many commercial motor brands. If something is wrong with your automatic gate opener, give us a call and we can help you determine what kind of replacement opener is needed or whether it’s simply a problem with the sensor or photo-eye. 

  • Liftmaster

  • HySecurity

  • Doorking

  • Delta Scientific

  • Linear

  • Electric Power Door

  • Bavak

  • Secure USA

Motors and Openers

10 Things You Should Know Before You Select Your Next Automatic Gate

When choosing an Automatic Gate for your facility, there are many factors to consider. Not all gate types are created equal, nor do they work optimally in each unique setting and access control scenario.


Automatic Gate Design, Installation, Maintenance & Repair

We help you take control of your automatic and electric gate installation project or repair with a dedicated team of gate experts. Our tried and true, SloanSecure™ process, delivers the optimal gate solution from design to installation all way through to routine maintenance. Sloan focuses on your own security and operational goals while integrating seamlessly with existing systems and adjacent buildings. 

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Certified Automated Gate Operator Installer - CAGOI

Certified Automated Gate Operator Installers (CAGOI)

Certified Automated Gate Systems Designers - CAGSD

Certified Automated Gate Systems Designers (CAGSD)

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