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Creech Air Force Base



Creech Air Force Base

Project Location

Creech, Nevada

Project Type

Crash-Engineered Cable Security Barrier/Sensor Platform, Crash-Rated Gates, Separation Fencing

Project Description

Sloan Security Group provided and installed multiple perimeter security solutions to secure the gate area of this Air Force facility.

Project Challenges

This project required the construction of a secure enclosure that would perform as a sensor platform and cable crash barrier integrated together with crash-rated gates. Additional work included was the construction of water crossing barriers, hydro-excavation of most footings, full height pedestrian turnstiles, tire shredders. Due to the integration of sensors on the entire perimeter, all construction was built to exact specifications so intrusion detection systems would operate correctly. n upgrade to an existing access control point at Fairchild Air Force Base. Sloan provided custom-designed and crash-engineered solutions to meet the clients needs for security while matching or exceeding Air Force requirements.




Air Force/US Corps Engineers


Cobblestone Construction: Benden Parker

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