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Hill Air Force Base



Hill Air Force Base

Project Location

Hill AFB, UT

Project Type

Crash-Rated Gates, Fencing, Cable Barrier, Gate Arms & Barrier Controls

Project Description

Sloan Security Group installed traffic arms, gates, fencing, and a crash-engineered post and cable barrier system. Their technical team designed custom barrier controllers for the guard shacks and added warning signage and signals for the access control point system.

Project Challenges

The project included winter weather tasks such as cold weather concrete pours and safeguarding excavation sites from the elements. Multiple mobilizations were necessary due to the phased nature of the work. Integration with existing barriers and collaboration with the Corps of Engineers for commissioning the barriers with new controls were key aspects of the project. Despite manufacturing delays caused by the global supply chain crises, alternative materials and equipment were successfully sourced to adhere to the project timeline.




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