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Idaho Anne Frank Memorial



Idaho Anne Frank Memorial

Project Location

Boise, Idaho

Project Type

Design and Deploy Surveillance Solution

Project Description

Sloan Security Group designed and installed an overall solution that employs Axis Cameras triangulated around the perimeter of the memorial for video surveillance, capturing multiple entry points and multiple angles to the site. Ubiquiti Radio Networking Equipment allows for device connectivity. The video monitoring and video storage are controlled by ExacqVision Software and Server Technology.

The Wassmuth Center for Human Rights is now able to monitor the Anne Frank Memorial 24/7/365 with video surveillance and deter future vandalism with warning signage Sloan posted throughout the site.

Project Challenges

• Communication – There was no way to access a network at the park in order to send the surveillance footage to the nearby visitor’s center.
• Constant Power – The design plan was to mount cameras on 3 light poles in a triangulated pattern around the perimeter of the site. Constant power was essential at each location, however, the memorial’s lights operated on a photocell.
• Budget – The Wassmuth Center for Human Rights is a not-for-profit organization with a limited budget for security. Sloan’s design had to be planned out carefully and be highly efficient to accomplish its goal, while still being cost-effective.


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