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Travis Air Force Base



Travis Air Force Base

Project Location

Fairfield, California

Project Type

Barrier Replacement at Existing Facility

Project Description

Sloan Security Group was contracted to remove and replace existing wedge barriers at all four entrances to Travis Air Force Base near Sacramento, CA. In place of the wedge barriers, the Sloan team was to install 6 net barriers to be controlled by guard forces at the access control points.

Project Challenges

Upon completion of the project, the client added additional scope which to date has not been funded but has resulted in this project being extended until this time. This project required extensive coordination with the base and local town as each entrance needed to be closed down for an extended period of time. Local permits and road closures were managed by Sloan as part of our scope of work. Sensitive environmental issues relating to the California Tiger Salamander were mitigated by Sloan utilizing barriers which required less disturbance of potential habitat adjacent to the roadways.




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