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Undisclosed Data Center



Undisclosed Data Center

Project Location

Undisclosed Location

Project Type

Perimeter Fencing, Gates, & Drop Arm Barriers

Project Description

Sloan Security Group supplied and installed 5600 linear feet of 6-foot chain-link fencing, 6200 linear feet of 8-foot chain-link fencing, 3790 linear feet of straight pale fencing, 4 drop arm barriers, and 6 cantilever slide gates.

Project Challenges

Having a project engineer would be advantageous, especially in situations where the work site is not fully prepared or when there are concerns about potential reprisals. It is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of project documents to navigate any discrepancies effectively. Delays in obtaining permits by the general contractor resulted in Sloan having to take the initiative to secure the necessary permits. There were notable discrepancies in interpretations of rules between individuals within the General Contractor team. Negotiating change orders with the contractor proved to be challenging.


Data Center





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