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Whitetail Resorts



Whitetail Resorts

Project Location

McCall, Idaho

Project Type

Automated Gates and Access Control

Project Description

Whitetail Resorts, one of the West’s premier resort destinations, contacted Sloan Security Group to architect and implement a scalable, feature-rich security solution to manage a diverse suite of access control needs without adding complexity or requiring additional personnel. The sprawling resort property includes a hotel, private residences, rental properties, a golf course, employee housing and the corporate office.

Over time many different generations of technology have been put in place to address the ever-changing needs of this diverse group of properties. This led to a melting pot of products and configurations. Each comprised a separate system with their own unique interface. This disparate system architecture made for a very time consuming and frustrating management experience.

Project Challenges

Connectivity – No internet connectivity at most gate entry points. With each location being separated by distances up to ten miles and a thickly forested landscape, it made for a challenging environment to establish connectivity to each device or group of devices. We needed a reliable, high performance network with enough throughput to handle streaming HD video through snow and trees without missing a beat.
Standardization – An upgrade/migration path needed to be established, identifying devices and systems that would work together seamlessly while streamlining the types of equipment deployed.
Budget – The resort didn’t have a clear budget and needed help to establish an effective budget by matching funds to priorities.
Systems Integration – We took the best of some existing systems and technology that had been working well and integrated them into new platforms.

Welding at gate
Connectivity – Our team of field engineers was able to deploy a reliable, high performing wireless network based on Ubiquity radio mesh technology. This was done through device specification and performance calculations, leading to on-site surveys with live performance testing. After verifying that the radio product selection was going to work for the application, we designed a system to handle the needs present today as well as scale to what might come allowing for system growth.
Standardization – Sloan employed Gallagher Access Control Command Center platform to unify management of the controls and user interface. This access control platform had the security, flexibility and ease of use to make this a perfect choice to unify the disparate systems.
Budget – With all product selection, budget was a consideration. Between the Gallagher platform (hardware and software) as well as the cameras, networking devices and Ubiquity Radio technology, we were able to stay within a budget for the level of control, standardization and ease of use that was achieved.
Systems Integration – The nature of enterprise level Access Control is to take many types of systems and unify them through the use of hardware and software integrations. The Gallagher platform allowed us to do this with existing surveillance VMS (Exacqvision) as well as NEDAP RFID and gate controls.

End Result:

The overall solution employs Gallagher Access Control with Bluetooth technology with smart phone card credentials, Exacqvision Surveillance VMS for video verification and situational awareness, Ubiquity Radio Networking Equipment allowing connectivity to all devices, NEDAP Long Range RFID technology for fast gate access to authorized people and Sloan-built architectural operated gates and all associated controls.

Shore Lodge is now able to centrally manage guest, member, resident, local EMS and vendor access to all sites, gates, doors and facilities connected to this unique solution. All authorized users have access through these controlled points via mobile device (using Bluetooth), Long-Range NEDAP Tags mounted on vehicles, PIN number or Keyfob. This system also allows an audit trail (including video) of all events associated with this system.

From the resort guest’s perspective, this means an end to fumbling for keycards or keys in order to access their property. From the hotel manager’s perspective, he no longer has to send someone to each remote site to change access permissions - saving time and money, as well as making his small staff’s job much easier.




Whitetail Resorts



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