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Total Package Approach

Physical Security Built Better.

Sloan partners with you through all phases of security projects to create a safer, more reliable solution. Secure your perimeter with confidence and get the peace of mind you need 24/7.

Sloan Security Group Bollards
Sloan Security Group Wedge Barriers

Physical Security Solutions

From Prevention to Detection.

Sloan's physical security solutions provide reliable vehicle crash barriers, access control, and intrusion detection through automated equipment like retractable bollards, automatic gates, pedestrian turnstiles, and surveillance cameras.

Perimeter Security Solutions
Sloan Security Group Installation Services

Physical Security Services

End-to-End Security Expertise.

Sloan Security Group is a single source of knowledge for its clients and has the unique expertise to integrate the safest and most effective perimeter security barriers, access control, and detection from design to installation and beyond.



​Whether it is delivering vector analysis, determining a vehicle's maximum speed of approach, or creating as-builts and building information models (BIM) for complex sites, the Sloan team has done it all.

  • Design-Assistance/Consulting

  • Vehicle Vector Analysis

  • Building Info Modeling (BIM)

  • Building Permit Assistance

  • As-Builts/Documentation

SloanSecure™ Method

Total Package Approach.

Sloan offers a “total package” approach for clients to reduce risk, save money and deliver better security outcomes giving you the peace of mind you deserve. From design assistance to installation and maintenance, our team knows what it takes to keep your equipment up and running 24/7.

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Who We Serve

Protecting Assets, Infrastructure and People.

We design, build and maintain the most effective perimeter security solutions for top brands and institutions around the globe including corporate campuses, data centers, energy facilities, government buildings, dams, substations, airports, and stadiums.

The Sloan Story

Changing the Way Physical Security is Built.

Sloan Security Group has assembled a team of experts to deliver physical security solutions for today's modern world. We've optimized the process needed to achieve the most successful security outcomes.

Sloan Security Group Automated Bollards

Sloan's Projects

Creating Safer Spaces Around The World.

Throughout the world, our name is synonymous with expertise, responsiveness, and innovation. Our project experiences extend across the United States and around the world. Sloan Security Group has successfully completed projects in over 30 states and on 5 continents.

Project Map

Our impact can be felt across the United States and around the World.





The Netherlands

Papua New Guinea

Saudi Arabia


Trusted by Top Brands and Government Institutions.

Find out the reason so many top brands and government institutions around the world choose to work with Sloan Security Group and remain loyal clients for many years.