High-Security Fixed Cable Barriers

Sloan's Patented Cable Barrier Systems deliver flexible Crash-Engineered perimeter protection for access control points, perimeter fencing, and more.

Flexible Design
Multiple Options
Simple Integration

Built to Last. Easy to Install. Engineered for Safety.

 These innovative and easy-to-install cable barrier systems are designed and built to be crash-engineered for optimal safety. We offer a variety of options, which makes our products very versatile.


Flexible Design

The Sloan Cable Barrier system has pre-engineered cable placement and a hidden anchoring method that prevents potential attackers from disabling the fence. By utilizing a single anchor post at every corner, this minimalistic design makes the barrier compatible with IDS platforms and reduces the overall footprint of the security zone. This is an excellent choice for users who are looking to maximize their security zone yet maintain a small footprint at the same time.

  • Patented Sleek/Simple Design

  • Hidden Anchoring

  • Small Footprint

  • Tamper Resistant


Simple Integration

The Sloan Cable Barrier easily integrates with the IDS platform fences/barriers and into current access control, sensors, and perimeter fencing designs. Work with the Sloan design team to deploy an effective fixed crash-rated cable barrier system for your specific site. Can be free-standing (with intermediate posts) or integrated with a chain-link fence.

  • Access Control

  • Sensors

  • Fencing

  • Gates


Multiple Options

Our barrier is crash-rated to reduce potential vehicle penetration and features multiple lengths, heights configurations, and cable density options for enhanced flexibility for site design initiatives. The cable barrier installation has the option to be free-standing or integrated with a chain-link fence.

  • Galvanized or powder-coated 

  • 2, 3, and 4 Cable Options

  • Project-specific solutions

  • Multiple Crash-Rated Options

Cable Barrier Options

Available with an extensive variety of options and accessories, these innovative and easy-to-install cable barrier systems are designed and built to be crash-engineered for optimal safety.

Crash-Tested Designs

  • 4 Cable Barrier M50-P2 (40' Length)

  • 4 Cable Barrier M50-P3 (240' Length)

Crash-Engineered Designs

  • 2 Cable Barrier K4-L1 (30'-480' Length) Terminal Spacing (2) 1" Cables - DOS 2007

  • 2 Cable Barrier M30-P2 (20'-240' Length) Terminal Spacing (2) 1" Cables - ASTM 2656-07

Milcon Equivalent Barrier

  • 2 Cable Barrier (3/4" Cables) and Bollard (20'-480' Length)



Standard Test Methods

Designation F 2656 - 07

*Standard Test Method for Vehicle Crash-Testing of Perimeter Barriers


Cable Barrier Installation

We help you take control of your cable barrier installation project or repair with a dedicated team of cable barrier construction experts. Our tried and true, SloanSecure™ process, delivers the optimal cable barrier solution from design to installation

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