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Perimeter Security Fences

Sloan's expert team specializes in the design and installation of a wide range of security fences, including crash-rated, anti-climb and anti-cut options.

Crash-Rated Fence

Crash-Rated Fence creates an effective visual deterrent backed with heavy steel components that have been tested and certified by the Department of Defense. It gives an anti-terrorism level of protection and is much different from traditional chain link or architectural mesh fence alternatives.

  • K4, K8 and K12 Rated Designs

  • 4', 6', 8', 10', and Custom Heights Available

  • Conduits and Wiring within the Fence System


Anti-Climb Fence

Anti-Climb Fences help delay and deter attacks or breaches of a perimeter. The anti-scale welded wire mesh makes it very difficult to get a foothold and is constructed with heavy gauge vinyl-coated steel wire for maximum strength, durability, and long life.

  • 8', 10', and Custom Heights Available

  • Heavy-Gauge Mesh and Small Mesh Openings

  • Anti-Corrosion Coatings


Anti-Cut Fence

Anti-Cut Fences are superior to chainlink for many reasons, but resisting cuts is the main benefit. These types of fences are ideal for high-security facilities like data centers, prisons, energy facilities, and other secure government facilities.

  • 8', 10', and Custom Heights Available

  • Heavy-Gauge Mesh and Small Mesh Openings

  • Anti-Corrosion Coatings


Prison Fencing

Prison Fences can be electrified fences that include razor wire, barbed wire/concertina wire tops that eliminate the ability to climb. These fences often have a small mesh pattern that makes the wall resistant to cutting.

  • Anti-Cut Welded Wire Mesh

  • Anti-Climb Fence Spikes

  • Barbed and Razor Wire

Prison Fencing

Modular Barrier Fence

Sloan Modular Barrier Fences are ideal for long sections of fencing that speeds up installation, without sacrificing protection and durability. These types of fences are useful on along curvy roadways or perimeters of facilities. 

  • Anti-Climb Design

  • Anti-Cut Welded Wire Mesh

  • Efficient Installation (up to 100'/hr)

Modular Barrier Fence

Ballistic-Rated Fence

Ballistic-rated steel fencing is built with reinforced steel materials that incorporate additional layers of protection, like ballistic-resistant fabrics or other specialized materials. These types of security fences are used in high-security settings, including military, power substations, government buildings, and prisons.

  • Bullet-Resistant Concrete/Precast

  • Passes all global standards

  • ASTM Ballistic Standards

  • Level 10 UL 752 requirements

  • Stop a .50 caliber bullet

Ballistic Rated

Security Fence Installation, Maintenance & Repair

We help you take control of your security fence installation project or repair with a dedicated team of security fence experts. Our tried and true, SloanSecure™ process, delivers the security fence solution from design to installation all way through to routine maintenance. Sloan focuses on your own security and operational goals while integrating seamlessly with existing systems and adjacent buildings.

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With decades of experience and deep-rooted relationships in the Industry, Sloan Security Group continues to be the go-to source for all things perimeter security.

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