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Sloan Security Group is pleased to announce that it has promoted Hank Vincent to CFO

Sloan Security Group Names Hank Vincent to Chief Financial Officer Role

Hank Vincent Sloan Security Group
Hank Vincent - CFO

Boise, ID - Sloan Security Group is pleased to announce that it has promoted Hank Vincent to Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Previously, Hank served as Controller for Sloan. Hank plays a key role in Sloan's financial success on both a technical and leadership basis.

As CFO, Hank will enable Sloan to strengthen its commitment to financial excellence and data management.

Hank’s leadership reaches well beyond Sloan. He recently led a national roundtable discussion for the Construction Financial Management Association where he serves on the Board of Directors for the State of Idaho. Hank’s also a Certified Public Accountant and serves on the Exam Writing and Marketing Committees for the Institute of Certified Construction Industry Financial Professionals (ICCIFP).

Prior to coming to Sloan, Hank spent nearly a decade in public accounting at a national accounting firm where he specialized in construction accounting. He has led national trainings on revenue recognition, percentage of completion accounting, and construction accounting basics.

Hank is a graduate of the University of Idaho and lives in Boise with his wife and two young children.

About Sloan Security Group, Inc. Sloan is quickly becoming the global leader in safe and effective perimeter security for distinctive brands and institutions such as Facebook, DoD, and DoS. Sloan specializes in vehicle barriers, access control and intrusion detection.

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