Take Control of Vehicle Access with Sloan Barrier Automation

We have experience in designing and installing Entry Point Control solutions that monitor and control Crash-Rated Automated Equipment on site. Our team will work with your company to design a custom Access Control System that is integrated with your current safety systems to provide maximum functionality while reducing overall costs.

Access Control Point Control Systems (ACPCS)

Combining the best state-of-the-art technologies with our expertise in threat analysis, sequencing, and denial scenarios, we can address potential weaknesses in your Access/Entry Control Point security strategy to provide a custom tailored solution.


Control Panels

We provide custom control panels for almost every application and equipment type. As a manufacturer and supplier of control panels, we have the talent and experience to produce high-quality, custom-made control panels at a competitive price. These panels can be designed with touch screens, push buttons, or wireless handhelds.

  • Touch Screen

  • Push-Buttons

  • Wireless Handheld

  • EFO/Panic



Sloan provides complete solutions for both passive and active RFID solutions, allowing for seamless integration with existing applications. Our state-of-the-art products allow security and entrance control integrations, as well as card access, asset tracking, and network security.


  • RFID

  • Card Access

  • LPR

  • CCTV


Control Systems

​Sloan’s programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and computer-based controllers provide a high level of flexibility and reliability in closed-loop automation systems. Sloan’s complete line of Ethernet-enabled multifunction meters monitors various process conditions and provides reliable data to operators at key points throughout the production environment.

  • PC-Based

  • PLC-Based



​Make sure your site is secured with the right safety or security equipment: Crash-rated barriers and bollards, gates and gate arms, net barriers, and tire-shredders. Each of these products can be easily integrated into a fully secured system that meets all of your security needs.

  • Crash-Rated

  • Barriers/Bollards

  • Gates & Gate Arms

  • Net Barriers

  • Tire-Shredders

Signage & Signals

​Sloan Security Group offers a wide variety of traffic signals and signage for access control and ACPCS safety including; audible warnings, traffic lights, sirens, LED blank-out signs, wrong-way detection, over-speed detection, and more.

  • Audible Warnings

  • Wigwag/Traffic Lights

  • Sirens

  • LED Blank-Out Signs



Logging, tracking, and documenting security events is becoming more and more important for security operators in a world of cost-cutting measures. The necessary identification and logging of security events is paramount to get the right resources at the right time, in the right place. Event recording solutions provide this information but are limited in their ability to capture video data at the same time and therefore unable to provide an accurate picture of the situation at hand. This is where video analytics can play its part.

  • Logging

  • Event Recorder

  • Video Analytics

  • Printer


Safety Sensors

Safety sensors are designed to detect a vehicle or intruder's presence. A wide range of technologies including loops, contact edges, lidar or radar, infrared beams/curtains, and laser scanners are used to provide additional protection to the facility. Apart from providing security services, safety sensors also fill the need for customers for a reliable fail-safe system for gates, gate arms, and crash-rated barriers. 


  • Loops

  • Contact Edges

  • Lidar/Radar

  • IR Beams/Curtains

  • Laser Scanners



Detect and track vehicles with our license plate recognition (LPR) software and accompanying sensing hardware. We offer Over-Speed alerts to let you know when a vehicle is exceeding a specified speed limit on the roadways, Wrong-Way alerts that notify you when a vehicle is traveling in the wrong direction, and Over-Height detection to let you know when an obstacle may cause damage to a vehicle and more.

  • Over-Speed

  • Wrong-Way

  • Tamper

  • Over-Height Detection

  • Intrusion Detection



​Our Power Connectivity products provide connectivity in places with no power, or no power you can rely on. With our UPS products, you can keep your electronic devices running during an outage. And our off-grid solar solutions provide renewable power in areas without utility lines or grid connections.

  • UPS/Battery backup

  • Off-Grid Solar


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