Crash-Rated Vehicle Barriers

From Automatic Bollards to Wedge Barriers, Sloan installs and maintains the right Crash-Rated Vehicle Barrier solution for your unique threat and facility.


Security bollards create a physical and visual barrier that protects from vehicle crashes and unwanted access. Safety bollards protect pedestrian lives and property in a variety of traffic situations. 

  • K12 Crash-Rated Bollards

  • Fixed, Removable & Retractable Bollards

  • Bollard Covers & Lighting


Wedge Barriers

Wedge barriers are designed for high-security perimeter entry points for vehicle access and denial. They offer rapid deployment when a threat is presented and they remain flush with the roadway when retracted.

  • K12 Crash-Rated Certified

  • Hydraulic Wedge Barriers

  • Shallow & Surface Mounted


Crash Beams

Crash beam barriers are ideal protection for access-controlled entry points with low to medium traffic levels. We can procure, install and maintain all types of hydraulic and electronic crash beams.


  • K12 Crash-Rated Beam Barriers

  • K4 Crash-Rated Shallow / Deep Foundation Beams

  • Hydraulic Rising Beam Barriers


Security Fences

​Security Fencing creates a physical and visual barrier that protects from vehicle crashes and criminal threats. For medium to high security facilities, we deliver the right fence for your unique site and threats.

  • K12 Anti-Ram & Anti-Climb Fences

  • DoD Fences

  • Security Fences


Crash Walls

​Border and perimeter walls create maximum security for the most dangerous threats. We design and build crash-rated walls for some of the world's most secure facilities.

  • K12 Anti-Terrorism Crash-Rated Walls

  • Anti-Climb Walls

  • Border Security Walls


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