Wedge Barrier Systems

From Shallow Mount Wedge Barriers to Crash-Rated Hydraulic Barriers, Sloan installs and maintains the perfect Vehicle Barrier for your unique threat and facility.


Shallow Foundation
Wedge Barriers

Shallow mount or shallow foundation wedge barriers are the most common type of wedge barriers installed today. Excavation is minimum and you can avoid many underground utilities with a shallow foundation design.

  • K12 Crash-Rated & ASTM M50 Rated

  • All-Weather and Snow Plow Friendly

  • Long-Lasting Operation with Regular Maintenance 


Electric Wedge Barriers

Fully Electric Wedge Barriers help reduce environmental impact and reduce operating costs over the life of the equipment. These wedge barriers also integrate optimally with other electronic systems very well.

  • K12 Crash-Rated & ASTM M50 Rated

  • Deployment Under 1.5 Seconds (EFO)

  • Flashing, Bi-Directional LED Lights


Hydraulic Wedge Barriers

Hydraulic Wedge Barriers have a proven track record in the barrier industry and come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit your site and threats. 

  • K12 Crash-Rated & ASTM M50 Rated

  • Deployment Under 1.5 Seconds (EFO)

  • Environmentally Friendly Hydraulic Oil


Crash-Rated Wedge Barriers

Crash-Rated Wedge Barriers are tested, certified, and approved by the Department of Defense (DoD). They are the highest level of barrier protection designed to withstand high-speed vehicle impacts at final denial. 

  • K12 Crash-Rated & ASTM M50 Rated

  • Deployment Under 1.5 Seconds (EFO)

  • Deep & Shallow Mount

Surface Mount Wedge Barriers

Surface Mounted Wedge Barriers are useful when excavation is not available or limited. Oftentimes, stanchions are integrated with traffic lights and gate arms.

  • Crash-Rated Available

  • Fast Installation Into Complex Areas

  • Low Maintenance and All Weather


Wedge Barrier Access Control Point Control Systems 

Sloan Security Group has the team to design, procure, install, train, and maintain your wedge barrier system for your access and entry control points (ACPCS/ECP). We build custom-tailored wedge barrier control panels and integrate them into existing technology infrastructure. Sloan works with corporate campuses, data centers, energy facilities, government buildings, dams, substations, airports, and stadiums all around the world.


Wedge Barrier Installation, Maintenance & Repair

We help you take control of your wedge barrier installation project or repair with a dedicated team of barrier construction experts. Our tried and true, SloanSecure™ process, delivers the optimal wedge barrier solution from design to installation all way through to routine maintenance. Sloan focuses on your own security and operational goals while integrating seamlessly with existing systems and adjacent buildings. 


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