Fixed & Automatic Bollards

From Retractable Bollards to K12 Crash-Rated Bollards, Sloan installs and maintains the perfect Safety Bollards for your unique threat and facility.


Fixed Bollards

Fixed post bollards provide solid anti-ram protection from vehicles. Permanently embedded bollards are a dependable and reliable way to create a safe physical barrier between vehicles and pedestrians.

  • K12 Crash-Rated Bollards

  • Stainless Steel Metal & Aluminum

  • Decorative Styles


Automatic Bollards

Automatic bollards are versatile vehicle barriers. They allow you to quickly and easily convert a space as needed, either allowing or blocking access by raising and lowering with a control operator.


  • K12 Crash-Rated Bollards

  • Flush with the road when retracted

  • Hydraulic & Electric & Pneumatic


Crash-Rated Bollards

Crash-Rated bollards are tested, certified, and approved by the Department of Defense (DoD). They are the highest level of barrier protection designed to withstand high-speed vehicle impacts.

  • K12 / K8 Rated Bollards

  • Deep & Shallow Mount

  • Fixed & Retractable Bollards


Bollard Covers & Lighting

Bollard covers and bollard lighting offer better aesthetics or additional visibility at night time. They slip over an existing bollard post to help reduce cost and maintenance. 

  • LED Lighting

  • Stainless Steel Metal & Aluminum

  • Custom Bollard Cover Designs

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