Fixed & Automatic Bollards

From Retractable Bollards to K12 Crash-Rated Bollards, Sloan installs and maintains the perfect Safety Bollards for your unique threat and facility.


Fixed Bollards

Fixed post bollards provide solid anti-ram protection from vehicles. Permanently embedded bollards are a dependable and reliable way to create a safe physical barrier between vehicles and pedestrians.

  • K12 Crash-Rated Bollards

  • Stainless Steel Metal & Aluminum

  • Decorative Styles


Automatic Bollards

Automatic bollards are versatile vehicle barriers. They allow you to quickly and easily convert a space as needed, either allowing or blocking access by raising and lowering with a control operator.


  • K12 Crash-Rated Bollards

  • Flush with the road when retracted

  • Hydraulic & Electric & Pneumatic


Crash-Rated Bollards

Crash-Rated bollards are tested, certified, and approved by the Department of Defense (DoD). They are the highest level of barrier protection designed to withstand high-speed vehicle impacts.

  • K12 / K8 Rated Bollards

  • Deep & Shallow Mount

  • Fixed & Retractable Bollards


Bollard Covers & Lights

Bollard covers and bollard lighting offer better aesthetics or additional visibility at night time. They slip over an existing bollard post to help reduce cost and maintenance. 

  • LED Lighting

  • Stainless Steel Metal & Aluminum

  • Custom Bollard Cover Designs


Bollard FAQs

What styles of Bollards are there?

Numerous types of bollards to choose from. Bolt-down bollards, Fold-down bollards, Fixed Bollards, Removable Bollards, manually-retractable bollards, automatically retractable bollards.

How deep are Bollard foundations typically?

Deep-mount bollards may be as much as five 6 feet deep depending on the type of bollard and the crash rating.

What type of Bollard should I use to stop a car or pickup going 10-20 mph?

You would use an ASTM F3016 tested bollard. Sloan can help you purchase and install this type of bollard. Contact Us

What type of Bollard should I use to stop an aggressive or terroristic driver traveling 30, 40 or 50 mph?

You would use a bollard crash-tested to ASTM 2656 standard for crash-testing barriers. Sloan can help you design/ procure/ install this type of bollard.

What is a Crash-Rated Bollard?

A bollard that has been crash-tested with a full-scale crash test. These bollards are Sloan’s specialty.

I am looking for a Bollard to stop a vehicle from bumping into the corner of my building. What type of Bollard should I use?

Typically 6-8” protection or bumper bollards are used for this purpose. Typically the pipe is schedule 40. Purchase your bollards online or have a local fence company purchase and install the barrier.

Are there Bollards that I can use in areas where there are utilities in the ground?

Yes, you should use shallow-mount bollards in these areas. Sloan specializes in designing/installing these types of bollard solutions.

Why should I use an Automated Bollard for restricting access to an area?

Automated Bollards are the most pedestrian-safe barrier with no entrapment possibilities where there may be foot traffic.

Why are Bollards the overall most preferred security barrier option?

They are very difficult to sabotage, they raise very quickly, they don’t entrap pedestrians, aesthetically pleasing design, they don’t have entrapment areas underneath of them, they don’t collect trash and debris as much as wedge barriers do.

How fast can an Automated Bollard rise?

In emergency fast operation mode, bollards may rise in as quickly as 2 seconds. Typically bollards raise in 3-5 seconds.

What types of activation methods are there for Bollards?

Electric motors, hydraulic rams, pneumatic rams.


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